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The Daleks found themselves at odds with the entire planet of Alvega – then the nearest planet to Skaro.

Alvega possessed an intelligent ecosystem that operated as a holistic entity.

Notable forms of Alvegan life opposing the Daleks were

The Alvegan ecosystem was dominated by plant life –  both the intelligent Amarylls and their bulb-like  Controller were forms of sentient vegetation – but some forms of (apparently less intelligent) animal life existed beneath the surface of the planet (see Alvegan Worm).

Unable to easily conquer the planet Alvega, the Daleks sought out and destroyed the Alvegan Controller, causing the inadvertent destruction of the entire planet.  Typically, the Daleks were not daunted by the destruction of the planet and did not regard its loss as a failure of their mission. In fact, the Dalek Emperor decided to use the example of Alvega to make “Conquer or Destroy” a new Dalek law…

The Alvegans first appeared in TV Century 21 issues 18 to 24, published from  22nd May to 3rd July 1965 (7 pages, one per week) in the story entitled “The Amaryll Challenge”. This story was republished in

  • Doctor Who Weekly 36-37 in black and white
  • Doctor Who Classic Comics 1-2 in colour
  • Doctor Who Special “The Dalek Chronicles” in colour

Posted May 8, 2010 by Mr Pepperpot

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