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Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Movies   Leave a comment

In a week that has had spurious rumours of a new Doctor Who film featuring Jonny Depp as the Doctor, battling both the Daleks and the Ebola virus (!), I thought it might be nice to glance back at the two Dalek films that weren’t just the products of someone’s over-active imagination. Well, OK, maybe they were the products of an over-active imagination but at least they weren’t pure fiction. OK, OK, they were pure fiction – but they did at least get made.

Here is an article on the two Peter Cushing movies with the Daleks from the pages of Doctor Who Weekly #8


Dalekmania   Leave a comment

Dalekmania (1995)

This is a now out-of-print video/DVD documentary about the two Peter Cushing Dalek fims of the 1960s. Links to download Dalekmania at the bottom of this post,

“A trip to the cinema for two kids lands them in the world of Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965). A behind-the-scenes documentary about the two 1960s “Dr. Who” movies starring Peter Cushing, spin-offs from the BBC TV series “Doctor Who” (1963). Includes clips from the movies, various trailers, and interviews with the original cast and crew. Written by Kevin Davies (Director)”

Please note : I did not upload these files and I have no idea how long they will be available.

Dr Who & The Daleks – The comic of the movie   Leave a comment

The chances are that you are probably familiar with the two films based on Doctor Who, starring Peter Cushing as the Doctor – or rather, as “Doctor Who” as he is called during the films (this presumably means his grand-daughter was Susan Who too…). The first of these films was entitled”Dr. Who and the Daleks”, the second, “Daleks – Invasion Earth 2150 AD”. The films were (rather loosely) based on the first two TV stories to feature the Daleks ( “The Dead Planet” AKA “The Daleks” AKA “The Mutants” AKA “The Survivors” & The Dalek Invasion of Earth respectively).

Back in 1966 – when the second film, Daleks – Invasion Earth 2150 AD, was released in America, the first film was adapted as a comic book by the US publisher Dell Publishing. The comic strip adaptation was released in 1966 as a one-shot comic entitled “Dr Who & The Daleks”.

You can read the Dr Who & The Daleks movie comic strip here

The comic book featured artwork by Dick Giordano and has the distinction of being the first US comic book appearance of anything connected to the Doctor Who franchise.