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Spoilers :

The Doctor facing a Dalek :

This looks to take place in the museum (?) where the Doctor encounters the younger Amy :

Plus, more Daleks – possibly beneath Stonehenge :

Here we see the White Supreme Dalek, Yellow “Eternal” Dalek and (an) Orange “Scientist”.

Will we find out what the “Eternal” Dalek’s function is…?

Mentioned in the clip (but not necessarily appearing on screen) are Terileptils, Zygons, Atraxi, Chelonians, Dranvins  and Draconians – to ad to the list of those already confirmed as appearing (see earlier posts)


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The latest bunch of spoilers from The Pandorica Opens includes this photo…

Obviously it is a New Paradigm Dalek, and it appears to be in a museum or perhaps an art gallery.

Also obviously, the Dalek has been damaged or killed. I’ve seen it suggested that the Dalek has been turned to stone but to my eye it looks more like it has been frozen (and in terms of continuity Daleks are vulnerable to extremely low temperatures e.g. in Planet of the Daleks and more recently in the novel Prisoner of the Daleks).

Whatever the case may be it does seem that there will be a little Dalek action in the episode and not just a lot of standing around looking like teletubbies menacing, as was the case in  “Victory of the Daleks” earlier in the season.

This is not going to be a “Dalek” story as such however. The Cybermen would seem to have an important presence – for more info see the Cybermantra blog – and there have been plenty mentions of other monsters. Some of which can now most definitely be confirmed by the following photos –

Above – the Sycorax. Below – Silurians & Weevils (their first Dr Who appearance, previously having been regulars in Torchwood)

Add to this the earlier confirmed aliens below – The new Supreme Dalek, the Judoon and the Hoix

Plus the Sontaran ships (below) appearing in the “Next Time” trailer (together with the return of the actor who played the Sontaran general in “The Sontaran Strategem” / “Poison Sky” and it seems safe to conclude that the Sontarans too will appear on-screen.

Mentioned in the “Next Time” trailers were Nestenes (the brains behind the Autons), Chelonians (a race of cybernetic space-turtles from the Dr Who spin-off books and audios) and the Drahvins (from the story Galaxy 4). These may or may not actually appear on screen – we’ll have to wait and see.

Current rumours also suggest the return of the Slitheen, the Roboform, the Uvodni (from The Sarah-Jane Adventures) and the Blowfish (from Torchwood). I’d been a bit sceptical about those but considering what has been confirmed who knows…

And then there’s the possibility of a Time Lady… And maybe Philip Madoc reprising a role?

I only hope that the story turns out to be as interesting and exiting as the speculations are!

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After their unimpressive debut in “Victory of the Daleks” the New Paradigm Daleks (or at the very least, the new white Supreme Dalek – but I expect we’ll see others) will be back on-screen in the first part of the Doctor Who season finale, “The Pandorica Opens”.

Also appearing are the Cybermen (or at least one damaged Cyberman which appears to be the familiar Cybus design).

Also mentioned are Sontarans, Nestenes, Drahvins and Chelonians (who have only thus far appeared in spin-off media). There are rumours of Sycorrax, Weevils (from Torchwood), Judoon and the Hoix appearing too.

A leaked photo from the episode shows the new white Supreme Dalek and a Judoon together with what looks like a Sycorrax and one of the cast played a Sontaran in “The Poison Sky” (The “Next Time” trailer also shows what appear to be three Sontaran ships amid a space fleet). The damaged Cyberman appeared first on the pre-series traler and now again on the “Next Week” trailer.

All in all it looks to be an action packed episode…

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As expected, the Daleks (or at the very least one of ’em) will be back in the season finale (along with a host of other familiar monsters)…

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The White Dalek

The White Dalek is the new Supreme Dalek. So White is the new Black….

Unfortunately this dodgem-style Dalek doesn’t actually look very Supreme… Even the colour is wrong…

Dalek Supremes have been popping in Doctor Who and the wider off-screen Dalek universe since the early 1960s. There have been many variations on the style of their casings and their colour schemes but all have had a common theme.

With the possible exception of the “Gold Dalek” in “Day of the Daleks”, which was the Dalek leader in the story and had a mainly Gold casing with Black domes (and which as far as I recall was never actually refereed to as a Dalek Supreme / Supreme Dalek / Dalek Prime) – all other version of the Supreme Dalek have had Black as their main colour (with the addition of variously gold, silver, gold and silver, gold and blue, blue, white or red – some of these are from the TV show, others from the film versions and comic strips etc). The only exception to this “tradition” was the Supreme Dalek in “The Stolen Earth”, which had a unique casing design and was dark red with additional gold elements.

So how come we now have a White Dalek as the Supreme?

While I’m not that much of a fan of continuity for the sake of continuity, neither do I much like change for change’s sake. There is a tradition of having (mainly) Black Daleks as Dalek Supremes – why alter this to the opposite extreme of having a White Supreme Dalek?

There are a number of good reasons why designers, writers and artists in the past opted for a Black Dalek as the Supreme Dalek.

Firstly, it was eye catching, and it is natural that the eye (stalk) should be drawn to the top Dalek. White on the other hand is rather a bland colour, especially when set against Red, Orange, Blue and Yellow Daleks. So we now have a Dalek Supreme that doesn’t stand out in the crowd…

Another excellent reason for having a Black Dalek as the Supreme Dalek is the wider cultural connotation of the colour Black in western society. Like it or loathe it (probably on rather extreme grounds of misplaced attempts at political correctness), Black is a colour that has for centuries been associated with “Evil”. Black frequently occurs as a colour linked to authority (Black police uniforms for example) but more often even than this one finds an assumption of a sinister nature with the colour Black – Black Magic, a “black look”, “the Black Sheep of the family” and so on. Let’s face it, recently in Doctor Who’s history, Black looked very good on Dalek Sec. Would he have looked as threatening in White?

Black, perhaps with a secondary colour indicating either “value/worth” such as Gold or Silver, or violence / bloodshed (e.g. Red) is simply the most “natural” choice for a Supreme Dalek. Instead we now have a rather washed-out White Dalek leading the new Dalek Paradigm. Perhaps that says it all…

It’s not that I think White is automatically a bad colour for any Dalek.  I just think it would have been better to make the White Dalek into the Dalek Scientist, and have the Supreme Dalek a striking shade of Black, probably with gold or silver trimmings.

We have of course had White Daleks in the show before. Davros made a bunch of them on Necros (Revelation of the Daleks) and then they became his “Imperial Dalek” faction (Remembrance of the Daleks). I was never a great fan on the White-and-Gold Dalek colour scheme in these stories, but it did at least provide a striking contrast to the Grey “original” / “renegade” Daleks which appeared in both stories, making the difference in the opposing Daleks obvious (even if a viewer only had a black and white TV) and giving the general appearance of opposing sides on a galactic chessboard.

However, with the new rainbow coloured Dalek paradigm, the White Dalek simply looks the least eye catching and the least “evil” of the bunch.

White tends to be associated with “Good” rather than “Evil” – all very well if you have one lot of light coloured Daleks battling another lot of dark coloured Daleks and want to play on the idea that you shouldn’t judge by appearances and each is just as bad as the other, but the new Supreme Dalek really looks a bit nondescript when compared to the brighter and more eye catching other colours /ranks.

As ever though, the choice of colour pales in comparison to the distorted shape of the new Dalek design….

This sort of Quasimodo quasi-Dalek isn’t really going to look good in any colour…

There is a lot that could have been done to make the new Dalek Supreme more impressive however – even just with a lick of paint here and there.  The Yellow Dalek has Black domes rather than the silver/gun metal of the other “New Daleks”. The Supreme would have looked more striking with a Black and White contrast colour-scheme… perhaps with a bit of minor additional styling to suggest something of the Dalek Emperor from “Evil of the Daleks”.  Honestly, all it would have taken was some more thought and a pot of black paint…

Instead the leader of the New Dalek Paradigm is the least interesting looking Dalek in the pack. Shame to see an opportunity missed.

Here is a graphic of the current Supreme Dalek :

And here’s what you get if you simply turn it into a negative image (well, with the sucker made black again etc)

I honestly think something like this would have been a lot better than what we’ve got…

But there still isn’t much that can be done with the overall (lack of) Dalek style…

White is the new Black? Sadly, I just don’t think so…

White Daleks – The New Supremes?

No – The Supremes should be Black – Just ask Diana Ross…