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Crazy Tapir’s Dalek Miniatures   Leave a comment

There’s some nice work on the Dalek Emperor’s throne room from the Evil of the Daleks, plus other Dalek miniatures, on Crazy Tapir’s blog here


Matt’s Dalek Miniatures   Leave a comment

More Dalek miniatures!

Matt’s game page has some shots of a  battle between the Daleks and UNIT forces – here

Miniature Daleks – Work in Progress…   Leave a comment

Hmmmm, well, the first thing I realised when doing this post is that next time I really will have to use a camera that actually focusses properly…

Anyway, having said to a couple of people that I would post some shots of my (roughly) 28mm model Daleks, here goes & apologies for the dreadful quality of the photos – I’ll try and do better next time.

Please bear in mind that I’m not by any stretch of the imagination a skilled miniature painter. These are done to what is usually referred to as “basic wargames standard” – in other words, not very good but not truly terrible. I took up painting miniatures again after a nearly 20 year break (and I was never that good anyway), partly because (and I realise this may come as a shock to readers of this blog) I am rather fond of Daleks, partly as a way to unwind, and partly because having spent just about all my adult life pounding objects with my fists and lifting ridiculously heavy weights I also felt that it might be an idea to do something a little more delicate to preserve my fine motor skills. The results of painting my Daleks aren’t all that impressive – if you want to see some really good work check out  An Evil Giraffe‘s work – but I have a good deal of fun doing them, which for me is the main point. If you aren’t currently into Dr Who miniatures but rather like the idea of playing Dr Who games, probably the very best place to start is with the FREE and really rather excellent Doctor Who Miniatures Game or DWMG for short. This is produced by the very nice chaps at Crooked Dice – check out their site & forum sometime.

As you’ll (just about) see from the photos, very few of my minis are finished – there are about 20 actually completed and around 100 in various stages of painting (with another 50 or more who are demanding to be under-coated sometime soon…). It will be really quite a while before I’ve finished with this lot… especially at the speed I paint…

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Some somewhat clearer photos anon…

Vaaga / Varga Plants   Leave a comment

Vaaga / Varga Plants – Allies of the Daleks

  • Species Type – Plant-Animal  mutation
  • Home planet   –  Skaro
  • First appearance     Mission to the Unknown
  • Latest appearance – City of the Daleks (game)

The Varga plants (sometimes spelt Vaarga) originally appeared in the First Doctor episode Mission to the Unknown the single-episode prologue to  the serial The Daleks’ Master Plan.

The Vaaga plants, like the Daleks, were created by Terry Nation.

Varga Plants grew naturally on the Daleks’ homeworld, Skaro. The Daleks experimented upon them creating further mutations. By the 39th century, the Daleks had imported them to other worlds. (Mission to the Unknown)

When the Daleks set up a base on the planet Kembel they brought some Varga plants with them to act as sentries in the jungle surrounding their base. They were suited to this as they could move around freely by dragging themselves along with their roots.

Varga plants resembled cacti; they are covered in fur and thorns. Anyone pricked by a Varga thorn will be consumed by the urge to kill, while simultaneously becoming gradually transformed into a Varga plant themselves. An infected victim would first become homicidal. As the infection progressed, white hair would grow over their bodies. This grisly fate befell astronauts Jeff Garvey and Gordon Lowery, and their commander, Marc Cory, was forced to kill them.

Varga plant man

The plants later made an appearance in the Big Finish audio I, Davros: Purity. In this, it was revealed that the Varga plants were one of the oldest species on Skaro, but for most of their history had been immobile. Since the start of the Kaled-Thal war however, exposure to radiation and chemical weapons had caused them to rapidly evolve into a much deadlier form, capable of self-locomotion. It was this discovery that caused Davros to become interested in genetically engineering creatures in order to create weapons of war. Varga plants existed from an early point in Skaro’s history. The name “Varga” meant “devourer” in the Dal language. Originally they could not move; instead they would wait until their prey approached them. Later, due to the chemical and radiological pollutants in Skaro’s atmosphere and environment, they began to mutate and became able to move. (I, Davros : Purity)

The plant was again found on a terraformed Jupiter where the plant infected a large battalion of Earth Alliance troops. (Dalek Empire II: Dalek War)

Varga Plants appeared in City of the Daleks where after the Time War they infested the ruined Dalek city of Kaalann on Skaro but here their appearance was rather different.


The Varga plants that infested Kaalann were different in appearance, being more akin to a Venus Flytrap and immobile. Their venom also killed with a touch.


So will the Varga / Vaaga plants ever appear again in Doctor Who? Probably not, but you never know…

Varga Animation

War of the Daleks game   1 comment

A reconstructed advert for the War of the Daleks game – original audio from the TV advert with photographs of the game.

War Of The Daleks (1975)

This game, produced by Denys Fisher, involved the player attempting to fight off a Dalek invasion. It is believed that originally you could purchase extra plastic Daleks for the game separately.

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Doctor Who – “Dalek Attack” computer game   Leave a comment

Please note : I cannot attest to whether these versions will work or not but here are some download links for the game – or simply Google something like “Dalek Attack” + “download”. Remember this is an old game some you may need to run it in compatibility mode, dos, or use an emulator (depending upon your computer and the version of the game).

Download Dalek Attack

Download (1995kB)
Manual (14kB)

Back in 1992 the state of the art in home video gaming featuring the Daleks was “Dalek Attack”

In Dalek Attack the player plays the Doctor and fights the Daleks. In most versions of the game, the player can choose between playing as the Fourth, Fifth or Seventh Doctor; in the MS-DOS version, the player can play as the Second, Fourth or Seventh Doctor, and in the ZX Spectrum version only the Seventh Doctor was available.  A second player may play as the Doctor’s companion (Ace or a UNIT soldier (only Ace in the Spectrum version). K-9 also makes appearances later in the game as does Davros, creator of the Daleks in the TV series, as the final end of level boss.

The game was released on all major formats of the time except for the Amstrad CPC, which was announced but never released. It was designed and storyboarded by 221B Software Development. On the PC and Amiga versions, there was a secret room behind some blocks. The room gave some of the programming credits for each game, in particular the graphics and music. The credits were hidden in this way due to the BBC not wanting individual credits for the game development team to be included in the game. Perhaps surprisingly, the PC version, which had the most sophisticated graphics, and the ZX Spectrum version, the most basic version, were both coded by the same person. This was due to the similarities between Z80 and 8086 assembly language.

Alternative Software released the ZX Spectrum version only due to popular demand, since by 1992 the Spectrum was no longer a commercially viable platform. Dalek Attack was released for the Spectrum in 1993, and was the last licensed Spectrum game. It differed from all the others in its first level; in all the other releases the first level involved the Doctor on a hoverboard going along the sewer. The Spectrum version had the Doctor on foot running around collecting hostages and avoiding globes. The Spectrum version also lost out on other features such as different enemies; only the Robomen, Ogrons and standard Daleks featured. The end-level guardians were also different.

Other versions of the game featured special Daleks such as hovering Daleks from the TV Century 21 comics strips of the 1960s. 1960s “movie” Daleks also made an appearance, as did the special weapons Dalek from Remembrance of the Daleks. Another special Dalek also featured, based on a sketch in an article from the Doctor Who Magazine 10th anniversary special showing how a Dalek might look when the television series came back.

The game was later re-released, first in a three pack compilation set called the Sci-Fi Collection with two other titles (Galactic Warrior Rats, Suburban Commando) for the PC. The front cover was in a “Y” shape with Dalek Attack in the bottom right and the instruction booklet was photocopied. This was followed in 1994/95 by another re-release, which was the same as the original except for a purple and black border added to the front and back covers.

An attempt was made to fit the events of the game into regular Doctor Who continuity in the Virgin New Adventures novel Head Games. This suggests that Dalek Attack takes place in an alternate universe created by the Doctor while he is affected by energy from the Land of Fiction. Like all Doctor Who spin-off media, its relationship to the ongoing story of the television series is open to interpretation.

Although the game was released on the Admiral Software label (a cunning ploy to hide the fact that it was produced by Alternative Software, a budget software label), it was recalled due to legal action by a software house which was already called Admiral Software. The boxes had stickers placed over the Admiral logos, and the in game graphics featuring billboards with “Admiral Software” on were replaced, requiring the disks to be reduplicated.

The game engine was re-used as the basis of the Suburban Commando game developed by 221B Software for Alternative.

DWA Plastic Dalek miniatures   Leave a comment

Here’ what they look like

More details in this post

FREE miniature Daleks in “Doctor Who Adventures” #170