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Comic Strips featuring the Daleks without the Doctor

  • Mission to the Unknown – Comic Strip Adaptation by Tim Keable (1987)
  • Return of the Daleks – One of two comic strips to have the title “Return of the Daleks” (the other one is a TV Comic story featuring the 4th Doctor), this one was originally published in the Marvel comic Doctor Who Weekly.


  • Warlord of the Ogrons – Not actually featuring any Daleks but I thought I’d include this as it is so heavily Dalek related – A comic strip featuring the Daleks’ apelike servants, the Ogrons.

Absalom Daak & The Star Tigers Saga

Featturing Absalom Daak the Dalek Killer, the (mostly dead) Princess Taiyin, the Draconian Prince Salander, the cunning Vol Mercurius and an Ice Warrior named Harma – fighting their ways through Dalek space in the Kill-Wagon (and bumping into the 7th Doctor along the way).

  1. Absalom Daak, Dalek Killer
  2. Star Tigers
  3. Nemesis of the Daleks

Comic Strips featuring the Doctor & the Daleks

The Movie Doctor

  • Dr Who & The Daleks – (The comic strip adaptation of the film) Dell comic books
  • Daleks Vs Martians

The 1st Doctor

  • Mission to the Unknown – Comic Strip Adaptation by Tim Keable (1987) – Technically, the Doctor isn’t in this story but like its TV counterpart, the story takes part just before the 1st Doctor story “The Daleks’ Master Plan”

The 2nd Doctor

  • Doctor Who and the Daleks – from TV Comic Annual 1968. Probably the only time you will ever see the Doctor try to fly the bike her stole from the Goodies…

The 4th Doctor

The 7th Doctor

The 8th Doctor


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