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Dalek Rabe of the Cult of Skaro   Leave a comment

In the original script for the “Army of Ghosts” / “Doomsday” story,  Dalek Jast was originally named “Dalek Rabe”.

The name Dalek “Rabe” was changed to “Dalek Jast” during the final re-recordings.

Some publications that had already been in preparation, such as the Doctor Who – Battles in Time collectible card game and the Doctor Who Files Dalek book, used “Dalek Rabe” as the name for this member of the Cult of Skaro, but the episode as aired and released on DVD used “Dalek Jast”.

Above – Dalek Rabe “Battles in Time” card

Although no explanation was explicitly stated as to the reason for the change from “Rabe” to “Jast” it is quite likely that this may have been due to “Rabe” sounding too much like “Rape”, especially by the time the word had been spoken through a ring-modulator.

The “name tag” or code written on the Dalek casing identifying Dalek Jast  / Rabe remained unchanged

So does the code read “Rabe” or “Jast”?

Or is it simply a numeric-type designation such as “Cult of Skaro 3”?

Or could it simply be a random design that the production team thought looked quite good…

Take you pick.


Daleks try to take over the World (Cup)   1 comment

Last time the World Cup was on – in 2006 –  the Radio Times had a choice of covers (Daleks or Cybermen) managing to link football with the first on-screen battle between Daleks & Cybermen. In 2010 the World Cup is on again and both Daleks & Cybermen are appearing in the season finale (again). Here’s the 2006 Dalek cover.

The Cyberman Radio Times cover can be seen on the Cybermantra blog here