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Norwich Charity Dalek “Winston” Needs Help   Leave a comment

Norwich Dalek needs your help!

Mark Dean with his  Dalek, called Winston.
Mark Dean with his Dalek, called Winston.

A Norwich man’s 6ft dalek is being “exterminated” by bumpy roads on the way to charity events, and he is now appealing for companies to sponsor it so he can buy a special trailer and stop it being crushed.

Mark Dean, 43, who built Dalek Winston in six months in 2008, uses the model to raise money for charities and good causes across the county, and regularly takes it to events such as The Royal Norfolk Show.

But to do so, he has to disassemble it and transport it in the back of his Renault Scenic, which he says causes unnecessary scratches and wear and tear.

He said: “A bespoke trailer would be a lot better as it would enable Winston to be loaded straight in already assembled. We get invited to a lot of big shows such as the Royal Norfolk Show, and various carnivals and other events.

“Winston did an event in London last weekend for the Cherished Memories charity for terminally ill kids, which was held at the place they do the BAFTA’s.

“We often go to events where there are a lot of people. A sponsored trailer could be branded with a company’s details, so there would be free publicity and advertising for any companies that decided to come on board.”

Mr Dean, of Spixworth, who has two children – Matthew, five, and Eleanor, nine – said he built the dalek using plans from the internet and various bits of MDF, wood, plastic and metal. However, he is gradually replacing these with piece of fibreglass to make it more lightweight.

He operates the dalek, which has a powerful water-squirter as well as lights, a voice and a motor, by sitting inside it.

The web designer said: “I’m not really a massive Dr Who fan actually, but I wanted a project to work on that would be useful, and rather than build a cabinet or something, I thought I would be able to use this to help good causes. The look on the children’s faces is such a reward.”

To contact Mr Dean about the dalek appearing at a public or corporate event, please visit


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The Dalek Match of the Day   Leave a comment

from The Daily Telegraph 25 Sep 2009

Doctor Who Dalek created out of 480,000 matchsticks

Nearly 50 years after Dr Who first did battle with the Daleks, here is the proof that he has at last met his match – all 480,000 of them.

This full scale matchstick model of one of television’s scariest aliens is the work of Brian Croucher, 66, who spent more than two years on the task Photo: PIN

This full scale matchstick model of one of television’s scariest aliens is the work of Brian Croucher, 66, who spent more than two years on the task in the sitting room of his end of terrace house in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

He finished it last month by applying the last of three coats of clear varnish to the 480,000 matches which have been cut, shaped and sanded into the 5ft 3in extraterrestrial.

“I spent an hour or maybe two on it at a day because I have a bad back and it is difficult sitting still for such a long time,” said Mr Croucher, a retired electroplater. “Besides, it can be a tedious business.”

Mr Croucher was bitten by the matchstick modelling bug 30 years ago when he watched his nephew struggling to make a model of his mother’s house. He said: “I told him it looked good but bet him that I could make a matchstick boat and finish it before he finished his house. He gave up half way through but I carried on.

“After the boat I made a full size rocking horse, a grandmother clock and a rocking chair. I had to take early retirement because of three disc bulges in my back and just found this very therapeutic.”

To fuel his hobby, friends and relatives buy him bags of special modelling matchsticks for birthday and Christmas presents. A £5 bag contains 10,000 matches.

To create the Dalek, Mr Croucher used a small plastic toy version as a template and scaled it up five times to make his full sized version. He said: “I did a Dalek because my wife Hazel bet me to do it as a challenge. Because I had made the five foot motor launch I wanted to make something bigger with more detail.

“I made a frame at the bottom and got the shape right and just went on from there. I stick the matches together in little blocks and then gradually build them up. My wife hands me the matchsticks and I put them together.

“The hardest bit was the little bubbles on the body because they have to be rounded. There are 56 of them and each one had to be built up and then sanded off.”

The Dalek sits on casters to help it move around and with the help of a voicebox inside its domed head can even utter its chilling catchprase “Ex-ter-min-ate, ex-ter-min-ate.”

It is the Dalek, however, which may soon be moving on. “It takes up too much room and I want to sell it,~ said Mr Croucher. ~I~m prepared to listen to offers and sell it to the highest bidder.”

Mrs Croucher’s sigh of relief at not having to share a sitting room with a Dalek may, however, be short-lived. Her husband is planning a Spitfire, with a six feet wingspan, and wants to build a boat that can be rowed across the Channel.

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Sports-Day of the Daleks continues…   Leave a comment

Another story from last year’s Sports Relief (2009)

Sport Relief Mile: Cardiff

A Dalek takes part in the London Marathon BBC One Wales
Saturday 15 July – 10.30am
Look out for stars of Doctor Who – including a Dalek – pounding the city streets.

Sport Relief Milers in Cardiff have got a very special bonus as one of the waves will have a Doctor Who theme.

It’ll feature stars from the current series and the show’s glorious past, as well as a very special guest appearance from a life size Dalek.

Camille Coduri – who plays Rose’s mum Jackie Tyler in the hit BBC TV series – will be among those pounding the streets around Cardiff City Hall on July 15.

Frazer Hines who played Jamie McCrimmon, Sarah Sutton who starred as Nyssa and Nicola Bryant who played Peri Brown will also be going the Extra Mile.

You can sign up to join them by registering for the Cardiff Mile and joining up with The Doctor Who team.

Sport Relief want as many people as possible to sign up and come down dressed as their favourite characters from the show, but don’t worry if you don’t want to dress up as there is plenty of room for everyone on the day.

The Dalek is being brought to Cardiff by Bob Johnson, who designed as his costume for the 2006 London Marathon. Bob, from Milton Keynes, completed the course in 7hrs 28mins, and hopes to cover the Cardiff mile in under 20 minutes.

“I am changing the design a little bit for the Sport Relief Mile it’s getting a slight revamp,” he says.

“I can’t go very fast in it though but that doesn’t matter it’s going to be a really great fun day for all the family.”

In the London Marathon Bob raised £10,000 for a cancer hospice in his Milton Keynes and hopes to raise another £5,000 for Sport Relief by auctioning the Dalek on Ebay after he completes the Cardiff mile.

“I can’t wait, it’s going to be brilliant and hope lots of people get dressed up and come up and say hello to the Dalek,” he adds.

“It’s also a good chance for people to see the Dalek and if they like it they can put in a bid on Ebay afterwards – as all the money raised will be going directly to Sport Relief.”

Also taking part in the Cardiff event are Welsh rugby legends JJ Williams, Rob Howley, Gareth Davies and Ray Gravell, along with boxing champ Enzo Maccarinelli and MTV stars Pancho & Pritchard of Dirty Sanchez fame.

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Ex-German-Ate!   Leave a comment

Dalek Sports Day continues… this from The Sun



June 25th 2010

A DOCTOR Who fan has transformed his DALEK into the ultimate England mascot ahead of Sunday’s World Cup clash with Germany.

Patriotic Chris Balcombe, 50, spent a week painstakingly painting his 1970s-style Dalek red and white — and even replaced the usual plunger with a VUVUZELA.

The footie mad fan started by repainting the “skirt” section in the team’s red and white colours and worked his way up adding St George’s flags.

He finished it off with a red and white hat and the plastic and aluminium horn.


Chris, from Dibden Purlieu, near Southampton, Hants, said: “The Dalek is bent on universal conquest and domination and is without pity or remorse.

“It will terrorise the German defence and make sure they are ex-German-ated once and for all. I thought it was a great way to show my support.”

He added: “I know Dr Who’s arch-enemy will help us fight off the Germans and take us to World Cup glory. A Dalek armed with a vuvuzela will knock them out.

“Our team need all the support they can get and I this is a great way to get behind them.”

This particular Dalek has already been in the national spotlight.

It first appeared in Dr Who in the early 1960s, and struck such fear into children’s hearts that a 2008 survey of kids showed that nine out of ten identified a Dalek correctly.

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The Daleks are supporting England… again…   Leave a comment

It’s Dalek sports day today it seems… another bit of dalek news I found…

Doctor Who fan makes a Dalek in England’s colours


A Doctor Who fan has made his own mascot for the match – a Dalek in England’s colours all set to “Exgerminate!”

Chris Balcombe, 50, spent a week painting his 1970s-style Dalek and even included a protruding vuvuzela horn.

Chris, from Dibden Purlieu, near Southampton, said: “I wish I could be in South Africa with the Dalek to cheer England on.

“We’ll both be watching the match at home. I confidently predict we can win.”

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Gatting is bowled over by cricketing Daleks   Leave a comment

“Gatting is bowled over by cricketing Daleks”

11:00am Thursday 1st July 2010

“FORMER England cricket captain Mike Gatting’s visit to the Cotswolds last week was a truly out-of-this-world experience.

For Doctor Who fan Mike was confronted with three cricketing Daleks when he arrived at the Cotswold School in Bourton to officially open the school’s new sports hall.

Mike Gatting with his inflatable Dalek in 2005...

The Daleks were made by school site manager Gareth Davies, who is a member of the Guild of Dalek Makers and makes the Doctor’s nemeses as a hobby.

“We looked up Mike on the web and found out he was a big Doctor Who fan so thought we’d set these up outside playing on the grass,” said head of sixth form Will Morgan.

“This is the second time Mike’s been and we are hugely grateful to him,” he added.”

(found on this site)

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