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Jean Marsh & Sara Kingdom   1 comment

Here is an old interview from Doctor Who Magazine in which Jean Marsh talks about playing Sara Kingdom in The Dalek’s Masterplan and her return to Doctor Who in the 7th Doctor story Battlefield.


Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Movies   Leave a comment

In a week that has had spurious rumours of a new Doctor Who film featuring Jonny Depp as the Doctor, battling both the Daleks and the Ebola virus (!), I thought it might be nice to glance back at the two Dalek films that weren’t just the products of someone’s over-active imagination. Well, OK, maybe they were the products of an over-active imagination but at least they weren’t pure fiction. OK, OK, they were pure fiction – but they did at least get made.

Here is an article on the two Peter Cushing movies with the Daleks from the pages of Doctor Who Weekly #8

The Ogrons – from Doctor Who Weekly #7   Leave a comment

Here’s an old article published a long time ago in Doctor Who Weekly number 7 (1979). Although the Ogrons have appeared in spin-off media (books, comic-strips etc) since that date, they have yet to re-appear on TV so this article is still pretty up-to-date in this respect.

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Terry Nation Article from Doctor Who Magazine #252 (1997)   Leave a comment

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Genesis of the Daleks – Article from DWM #250 (1997)   Leave a comment

“A Probable History of the Daleks”   Leave a comment

This is a rather old (and short) overview of the Daleks published in the US Marvel comic “Doctor Who” back in the early 1980s. It was designed as an introduction to the Daleks for American readers as yet unfamiliar with the Doctor’s enemies. Naturally there have been many events in Dalek history (which has probably been re-written a few times due to the Time War…)  since this article was written, but it is a nice little bit of nostalgia.