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The Dalektricity blog is quite simply a bit of fun – and not much else.

The Daleks and Doctor Who are (obviously) copyright to the Estate of Terry Nation and the BBC, while specific images, names and texts (and so on) are copyright to whoever first created / drew / published (etc) them.

Hopefully no copyright holders are offended or feel themselves somehow threatened by a small fan blog posting information on the Daleks (it would be fairly silly it this was the case as no one is making any money from this blog and all it really is doing is helping to publicise the Daleks & Dr Who free of charge!).

I will cheerfully give credit where it is due but as I’ve collected images from the internet over many years I don’t necessarily know where all the pictures I’ve used came from – so if I happen to have included a picture of your own Dalek or artwork etc, leave a comment and I’ll add a link to your website or whatever.

Have fun!

Mr Pepperpot


Posted April 8, 2010 by Mr Pepperpot

3 responses to “About Dalektricity

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  1. i knida thought you might possibly be interested in my various stuff here:


    provided the link works of course…

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