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Crazy Tapir’s Dalek Miniatures   Leave a comment

There’s some nice work on the Dalek Emperor’s throne room from the Evil of the Daleks, plus other Dalek miniatures, on Crazy Tapir’s blog here


Matt’s Dalek Miniatures   Leave a comment

More Dalek miniatures!

Matt’s game page has some shots of a  battle between the Daleks and UNIT forces – here

Mini New Paradigm Daleks   Leave a comment

There’s some nice paint work on the mini Daleks given away with DWA a couple of weeks back on Von Rittmeister’s photostream here

Miniature Daleks – Work in Progress…   Leave a comment

Hmmmm, well, the first thing I realised when doing this post is that next time I really will have to use a camera that actually focusses properly…

Anyway, having said to a couple of people that I would post some shots of my (roughly) 28mm model Daleks, here goes & apologies for the dreadful quality of the photos – I’ll try and do better next time.

Please bear in mind that I’m not by any stretch of the imagination a skilled miniature painter. These are done to what is usually referred to as “basic wargames standard” – in other words, not very good but not truly terrible. I took up painting miniatures again after a nearly 20 year break (and I was never that good anyway), partly because (and I realise this may come as a shock to readers of this blog) I am rather fond of Daleks, partly as a way to unwind, and partly because having spent just about all my adult life pounding objects with my fists and lifting ridiculously heavy weights I also felt that it might be an idea to do something a little more delicate to preserve my fine motor skills. The results of painting my Daleks aren’t all that impressive – if you want to see some really good work check out  An Evil Giraffe‘s work – but I have a good deal of fun doing them, which for me is the main point. If you aren’t currently into Dr Who miniatures but rather like the idea of playing Dr Who games, probably the very best place to start is with the FREE and really rather excellent Doctor Who Miniatures Game or DWMG for short. This is produced by the very nice chaps at Crooked Dice – check out their site & forum sometime.

As you’ll (just about) see from the photos, very few of my minis are finished – there are about 20 actually completed and around 100 in various stages of painting (with another 50 or more who are demanding to be under-coated sometime soon…). It will be really quite a while before I’ve finished with this lot… especially at the speed I paint…

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Some somewhat clearer photos anon…