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Journey’s End

[After Martha arrives in Germany]

Squad of Daleks: Exterminieren! Exterminieren! Halt! Sonst werden wir sie Exterminieren! Sie sind jetzt ein Gefangener der Daleks!

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In the original script for the “Army of Ghosts” / “Doomsday” story,  Dalek Jast was originally named “Dalek Rabe”.

The name Dalek “Rabe” was changed to “Dalek Jast” during the final re-recordings.

Some publications that had already been in preparation, such as the Doctor Who – Battles in Time collectible card game and the Doctor Who Files Dalek book, used “Dalek Rabe” as the name for this member of the Cult of Skaro, but the episode as aired and released on DVD used “Dalek Jast”.

Above – Dalek Rabe “Battles in Time” card

Although no explanation was explicitly stated as to the reason for the change from “Rabe” to “Jast” it is quite likely that this may have been due to “Rabe” sounding too much like “Rape”, especially by the time the word had been spoken through a ring-modulator.

The “name tag” or code written on the Dalek casing identifying Dalek Jast  / Rabe remained unchanged

So does the code read “Rabe” or “Jast”?

Or is it simply a numeric-type designation such as “Cult of Skaro 3”?

Or could it simply be a random design that the production team thought looked quite good…

Take you pick.

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Last time the World Cup was on – in 2006 –  the Radio Times had a choice of covers (Daleks or Cybermen) managing to link football with the first on-screen battle between Daleks & Cybermen. In 2010 the World Cup is on again and both Daleks & Cybermen are appearing in the season finale (again). Here’s the 2006 Dalek cover.

The Cyberman Radio Times cover can be seen on the Cybermantra blog here

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I thought it might be interesting to have a look at how the Supreme Dalek might have looked in this story…

Peter McKinstry, the current designer who has been working on Doctor Who for several years now, initially produced several sketches of how the Supreme Dalek might look. We ended up with the now familiar Red Supreme Dalek (which will probably never appear on-screen again) :

However, some of McKinstry’s initial sketches looked very different. These are the alternative Supreme Daleks –  those that so nearly might have been…

# 1 The Bunny Supreme or perhaps The Horned Dalek?

#2 The “Go-Faster” Supreme…?

#3 The “Umbrella” or perhaps “Chinese Hat” Supreme…?

#4 The “Pin Head” Supreme?

#5 The Goldfish Bowl Supreme?

(Possibly a slight influence from the TV21 Emperor here?)

#6 Darth Dalek? Dalek Vader? Samurai Dalek?

Despite my inability to resist giving the above designs silly names,  I do rather like some of them, perhaps not as the Supreme Dalek itself but at least as worthy enough Dalek variants working on some mysterious project or other – and indeed Mechmaster has included some Daleks inspired by some of McKinstry’s didn’t-quite-make-it designs in his excellent “Dalek Second Empire” comic-strip (see the links menu).

Here is Peter McKinstry’s original concept sketch which can be seen (along with tons of his other fascinating designs) on his really quite visually stunning website here

But the story doesn’t quite end here…

Another design by Peter McKinstry was given a fuller treatment as concept art, and in this one we can see elements that found their way into the final version of the Red Supreme Dalek, some foreshadowings of the “New Paradigm” Dalek design, as well as perhaps some inspiration from the “Special Weapons Dalek” – and some features that have never (yet) appeared on-screen…

The two side-views above show this Red Supreme Dalek with a gun and with a sucker arm. The front view below shows that this design featured only one appendage at a time…

McKintry’s idea would appear to have been to have had retractable arms/weapons that could appear and disappear inside the casing as required :

Here is his original concept artwork – again from his own site here

Personally I think the above design, if for example the domes had been done in gold and so on, looks as good as the finished version which did make it to TV.

The final version of the design drawn by Peter McKinstry was produced very faithfully for the screen :

I do still think that as good as the blood-red colouring looks, the design would have been even better in the more traditional “Supreme Dalek” colours of Black and Gold – but it certainly made a strong contrast to the standard gold Daleks it commanded.

Perhaps the biggest shame is that the design got very limited screen time and even then the Supreme Dalek didn’t really do much. With the destruction of this Supreme Dalek  (and the rest of the Dalek fleet) in the “Stolen Earth/Journey’s End” story, followed by the seeming end of the “Time War” design of Daleks and the coming of the infinitely inferior New Paradigm Daleks with their White Supreme Dalek, this design will probably never be seen on-screen again. Shame really.

Here’s Peter McKinstry’s original artwork (again from his website)

I have mentioned a couple of times that I’d have rather seen the Supreme Dalek in Black and Gold rather than Red and Gold. To end with, here’s a very rough idea of how that might have looked, using Peter McKinstry’s design with a different colourscheme…