Nemesis of the Daleks   8 comments

Featuring the 7th Doctor, Absalom Daak & his crew of “Star Tigers”.


Posted June 29, 2010 by Mr Pepperpot

8 responses to “Nemesis of the Daleks

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  1. Brilliant artwork and overall story, thank you so much for reprinting this online for all us avid and humble cyberspace cruisers!

  2. Awesome and wonderful!!!! So thousands of thanks for this great DW tale! Greets from Chile!

  3. Incredible! I remember reading this back in the day (I even had the coveted Absolom Daak flexi-disc)

  4. I remember writing and lettering this!

  5. How nice to see these again. Could I use your scans on my website?

    • Hi Lee
      Naturally you can of course use the scans any way you wish – How could I possibly say no?!? Actually, they aren’t my original scans, I just posted them here partly for my own ease of access to some of the old comic strips and also for the benefit of the many Dalek & Who fanatics (esp. following the popularity of the revamped Dr Who on TV) who stumble across across references to old stories from diverse publications and have no idea at all what they were about, or at best have a vague idea that there’s a whole other world of Dr Who in comic strip form but have never seen any of it. Unfortunately I haven’t really had a chance to update this or my other Who blogs much in the past couple of years (maybe one day, if time permits) but I’m a big fan of your work and have included some of your other art elsewhere e.g. & – very nice cyber-design by the way, I’d love to see you do a post-Cybus design, or indeed a different take on the Daleks – or, well, let’s face it, anything else you do, period! Hopefully it’s needless to say, but no copyright infringement or offence is intended. If you would ever like me to remove these please say, and if you have any new work coming out or if these are likely to be included in future re-print albums etc, I’d be only too delighted to post links. Thanks for commenting and all the very best.

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