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The Amarylls were the dominant intelligent lifeform of the planet Alvega, though they (like all life on the planet) were under the direction of the Alvegan Controller

The Amarylls were a sentient species of plant with an ability for limited movement (restricted by their roots), able to communicate with each other directly (apparently by speech), with the Alvegan Controller via their roots and with the Daleks via a Dalek translation device.

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Although not overtly hostile, the Amarylls possessed the ability to launch their spores as an airborne attack. Upon coming into contact with a Dalek’s outer casing, the spores germinated and began to grow rapidly, with devastating effect.

Despite putting up a brave defence of their home world, the Amarylls were wiped out when the Daleks destroyed their planet, Alvega.  However, prior to this one Amaryll had been taken prisoner by the Daleks. It is therefore possible that the Amaryll species may not be entirely extinct…

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Posted May 8, 2010 by Mr Pepperpot

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