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Norwich Dalek needs your help!

Mark Dean with his  Dalek, called Winston.
Mark Dean with his Dalek, called Winston.

A Norwich man’s 6ft dalek is being “exterminated” by bumpy roads on the way to charity events, and he is now appealing for companies to sponsor it so he can buy a special trailer and stop it being crushed.

Mark Dean, 43, who built Dalek Winston in six months in 2008, uses the model to raise money for charities and good causes across the county, and regularly takes it to events such as The Royal Norfolk Show.

But to do so, he has to disassemble it and transport it in the back of his Renault Scenic, which he says causes unnecessary scratches and wear and tear.

He said: “A bespoke trailer would be a lot better as it would enable Winston to be loaded straight in already assembled. We get invited to a lot of big shows such as the Royal Norfolk Show, and various carnivals and other events.

“Winston did an event in London last weekend for the Cherished Memories charity for terminally ill kids, which was held at the place they do the BAFTA’s.

“We often go to events where there are a lot of people. A sponsored trailer could be branded with a company’s details, so there would be free publicity and advertising for any companies that decided to come on board.”

Mr Dean, of Spixworth, who has two children – Matthew, five, and Eleanor, nine – said he built the dalek using plans from the internet and various bits of MDF, wood, plastic and metal. However, he is gradually replacing these with piece of fibreglass to make it more lightweight.

He operates the dalek, which has a powerful water-squirter as well as lights, a voice and a motor, by sitting inside it.

The web designer said: “I’m not really a massive Dr Who fan actually, but I wanted a project to work on that would be useful, and rather than build a cabinet or something, I thought I would be able to use this to help good causes. The look on the children’s faces is such a reward.”

To contact Mr Dean about the dalek appearing at a public or corporate event, please visit


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