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“Dalek” might be a word invented by Terry Nation, but it also exists in other languages too. Apparently in Slovakian, “Dalek” is a (diminutive) first name – you can even find it listed on some “Names for your baby” type websites (fancy naming your first-born Dalek? – He’d be exterminated at school…)

This might seem a little odd to English speakers, but there are only so many sounds a human voice can make so really it probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to find “Dalek” as a word in some other language or other. However, what does seem just a tiny bit uncanny is the translated meaning of the name….

In Slovakian “Dalek” apparently means “To fight afar”….

How appropriate is that for a species bent on conquering the universe…!?!

  • Name: Dalek
  • Gender: Boy
  • Origin: Slovak
  • Meaning: To fight afar
  • Pronunciation: (DAHL ek)

Posted June 25, 2010 by Mr Pepperpot in Daleks

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