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A reconstructed advert for the War of the Daleks game – original audio from the TV advert with photographs of the game.

War Of The Daleks (1975)

This game, produced by Denys Fisher, involved the player attempting to fight off a Dalek invasion. It is believed that originally you could purchase extra plastic Daleks for the game separately.

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  1. I remember having this game as a kid and loved the box artwork. Years later I was working in a design studio in Manchester with a talented artist called Bill. It came to light that he had done the artwork, imagine my excitement when he said it was probably still in the store room and if I found it I could have it. I looked for hours but could only find a black and white photograph of Bill handing holding the said artwork, someone must have nabbed it, I was pretty disappointed to say the least, butI had worked with Bill who also did the artwork for “the fastest gun” game which I also had. This was in the mid 1980’s and I often wonder where Bill is now.

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