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If you want to get hold of what are probably the first toys of the new-style Daleks – which also just happen to be on the right scale for use with war-games/role-playing games figures – the check out the “free gift” in this week’s “Doctor Who Adventures Magazine”* – issue number 170 price £2.20 – 5 mini new-style plastic Daleks.

Doctor Who Adventures Magazine #170 with 5 free Dalek models

DWA#170 went on-sale (officially) on Thursday 10th June 2010. The “magazine” is published weekly, so it will only be on-sale in regular shops for a few more days – if you are interested get it while you can – probably as fast as possible as some people are snapping up multiple copies.

Here is a link to the DWA official site but they do not sell copies online

For those who can’t pop along to a newsagent to browse for a copy, there are on-line suppliers for the magazine. I suspect many comic shops will happily post it to you but just as an example “Galaxy4” sell it on-line at the cover price plus P+P (possibly worth looking at getting the best postage deal you can, especially if you want to build up a small Dalek army).

This is a link to the page for the “current” issue of DWA (at the time of posting they have it as #169, I expect it will be updated shortly but if you intend to order do make sure it is the correct issue).

The official DWA website has a bright and colourful image showing you what the new Daleks look like (sort of…) but the mini plastic Daleks don’t come looking like this. They are all orange plastic (probably meant to be red as they are described on the cover as “Dalek Soliders”).

To see what the figures really look like have a glance at this post from An Evil Giraffe.

* Despite the use of the term “Magazine” most people wouldn’t really consider this to be a “magazine” – it’s a comic aimed at children, but I suppose it does do magazine-ish style content at a level suitable for younger children e.g. my 6 year old loves it, my 9 & 11 year old find it boring.


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