The Blue Dalek   3 comments

The Blue Dalek

The New Blue Dalek is described as a “Strategist Dalek”.

It seems that Dalek strategy currently consists of lulling alien races into a false sense of security by making the Daleks seem a lot less frightening.

The Daleks managed to get over their old tactical disadvantage of not being able to climb stairs long ago (in Remembrance of the Daleks). Now the Dalek Strategist must overcome a new problem – not being able to fit through a door…

Aside from the actual design of the “New Daleks” (AKA “Smarty Daleks”, “Teletubby Daleks” “iDaleks” and “Power Ranger Daleks”, I personally don’t mind the colour scheme much and think that the Blue Dalek “Strategist” is a nice addition to the ranks.

I don’t see any good reason for making the Strategist blue, but neither do I have a problem with it.

My main problem with the new Blue Dalek is that a better effect could have been achieved simply by taking one of the existing Daleks and buying a can of spray paint, to produce something like this :

Actually, as I’ve just played with this in an art package for about 5 mins, I’m sure the effect could have been a lot better and, for example, the domes and slats could have been done in either gold or silver etc, giving the Blue Dalek a nice overall feel that would have been both “new” and “retro” recalling the Movie Daleks from the 60s.

This would have served to set the “New” Daleks apart from the “Time War” Daleks, would have pleased the toy-buying public (and of course the merchandising department…) but would have meant that the toy manufacturers would have only had to reuse existing moulds rather than re-model.  The same of course goes for the BBC – the resprayed WWII Daleks looked great – the same could have been done for all the Daleks but at a cost of only a few cans of paint…

Instead of simply having some nice new coloured Daleks, we have instead got a design failure…

From the front they don’t look too bad, and in dull light the colour works quite well (I think I might have gone for metallic blue myself, but then that might have been harder to render in the up-coming games or cost more for toys, and marketing does seem to count more than actual design at present).

Unfortunately, as soon as the Dalek turns to the side – it simply no longer looks like a proper Dalek…

The Dalek “Hunchback” or “Hatchback” look really has to go as soon as possible…. And I suspect it probably will.

Give these monstrosities another couple of stories on the TV and I’m sure they will be consigned to the scrapheap where they belong. Which of course will again be good news for the marketing department and toy manufacturers etc, who will be busy trying to flog us yet another Dalek design – which is fair enough, as long as it looks like a Dalek next time….

The Dalek Strategist prepares a cunning new plan…

Shame it is only a marketing strategy


3 responses to “The Blue Dalek

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  1. I cringed when the New-look Daleks referred to the “older” ones as “Abominations” – these new things, with their plastic bumpers and bright candy colours, look like they were produced by Japanese car manufacturers.
    I would love to see some classic Daleks – McCoy era and earlier – roll up to these “hatchbacks” and say “No. YOU are the A-BOM-IN-ATIONS!” and ex-ter-min-ate the bloody lot.

  2. I really like these new Daleks, I’m not saying they’re perfect but I think they’re passable evolution in the Dalek race.

    They’ll perhaps look better when there’s lots of the same colour together rather than one of each, and once they’ve got a little battle tarnished.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the hatchback in action, I’m guessing it’s for changing weapons.

    Just thought I’d point out theat getting through doors is a problem the Daleks have had since The Dalek Invasion od Earth and the NSDs struggled too because of the wider fender around the bottom of the skirt. Plus daleks are hardcore, if they can’t fit through a door they blow a hole in the wall.

    I know a lot of people have been really vocal about hating these new Daleks, some have mellowed, some haven’t, what annoys may is the way people talk as though they speak for all fans of the show and can therefore dictate what should and shouldn’t be allowed on it (not saying you have done this btw) when a huge number of more quiet people love these Daleks. I hope the production crew decide to press on with the new models, when a show starts caving in to fan pressure it loses its integrity, slips into a fanfic cult show on BBC 2 or BBC 4 and we lose our show again.

    Give the new Daleks a chance, is it really as bad as how hideously inaccurate the TARDIS exterior is? It’s too fat, the roof is stacked wrong and it’s made of wood! Only the doors were occasionally mad of wood, it looks nothinbg like an old Met police box but people have let that slide, and don’t get me started on this idea that TARDISes were grown and not built… essentially what I’m saying is that in the grand scheme of things these Daleks aren’t all bad and there’s plenty of reasons to like them, and in the long run it’s the story and the acting that make the show great not whether or not the Daleks are coloured or tall.

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