New Dalek Designs and Colours   3 comments

It looks like the Daleks have had a make-over and are back with a new design and apparently a choice of colour schemes (about time too!). At first it appeared that the new look might just be for the latest incarnation of the Supreme Dalek, but if the Radio Times covers and an image that may be used for a future DVD release are anything to judge by, it would seem that the Daleks in general have a shiny new look.

The new design of eye-piece …

Are these Daleks decked out in party political colours just for the Radio Times cover (Red for Labour, Blue for Conservatives and Yellowish for the Liberals)?

Or will they be appearing in the show itself?

Surely no-one could aliken our beloved politicians to a power-hungry, ruthless, hate-fuelled, egotistical, warmongering, megalomaniac, untrustworthy, devious, xenophobic, totalitarian, highly destructive group of non-human mutant blobs? Em… Hang on a minute, what am I saying, suddenly it all makes sense….


3 responses to “New Dalek Designs and Colours

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  1. Wow! The new design up top looks great! Unless I miss my guess the base is wide, the panels now have details added and the gun is revamped (possibly to fire bullets?).

    I’m very confused about the RT Daleks because the teaser info so far indicates that we will see several different Dalek color combinations including the white version in your second screen grab. Also, the Dalek game on the official site features a brilliantly colored red Dalek. Only three days to go before we find out!

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